Middle Aged Skin


Anti-aging and rejuvenation of the skin is a field that has received great attention in the last few years.  Research and development in this area has made tremendous advances in the last five to ten years alone.  Anti-aging techniques vary widely homecare products, to clinic skincare, and to costly surgical procedures.

To address even in part the major current anti-aging techniques, procedures and medical options are difficult.  Listed below, however, are a few practical and valuable approaches to anti-aging:

  • Restrict sun exposure.  Limit or avoid sun exposure whenever possible.  Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen and apply three times a day.  A good sunscreens one of the most beneficial and inexpensive products an individual can have in their skincare/beauty arsenal.
  • Antioxidants, beneficially protect the skin from free radicals.  Two well-known antioxidants are vitamins C and E.  Japanese green and white tea, grape seed extract and pine bark extract are also commonly used antioxidants.
  • Avoid irritation and inflammation.  Anything that irritates the skin can damage the skin – i.e. sun, heat, smoking, excessive drinking…Many ingredients in today’s skincare products include soothing agents that help control inflammation and irritation.  Some of these products are azulene, chamomile, grape seed, matricaria, and licorice extract.
  • Protect the barrier function of the skin.  Products with emollients such as jojoba, sunflower oil and borage counteract dehydration and barrier damage.  Lipids found in PS Progressive SkinCare products also help protect the skin.
  • Use of AHA other than Glycolic Acid gels, creams, or lotions may help reverse the surface signs of sun damage.
  • Hydrate, hydrate and rehydrate.  Skin must have adequate hydration to function properly.  Starting with the appropriate Toner and drink at least 1 cup of water for every hour you are awake to keep the body hydrated and to help flush toxins (waste) out of the system.
  • Have a healthy practice.  A healthy diet, sufficient sleep, good nutritional supplements and a good exercise program are tools used to cultivate and sustain a desirable complexion.
  • A well designed treatment program by Advanced DermaCare will design a “tailor made” skincare program for your skin type.

Our skin protects and covers us from head to toe and is the body’s largest organ.  As we approach middle age, more visible change to our skin become apparent and we then realize that additional attention and care is necessary.

Youth and beauty beyond a certain age are not just external matters, but internal as well.  True authentic and ageless beauty is “a matter of heart” and springs from a healthy constructive and respectful attitude towards life and the people around us.  Adopting a lifestyle and philosophy that promotes and sustained a balance of mind, body , and spirit is certain to create and enhance youthfulness and timeless beauty.