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Let’s be honest, your face is your calling card. With it, you make your first and most lasting impression, presenting an image that will remain in the memory of everyone you meet. Think about it. How many times have you heard people say they can’t remember names, but they never forget a face?

Fine Lines…Wrinkles…Sagging…Discoloration…These are the earmarks of age that rob your face of its youth and vibrancy, leaving instead the impression of fatigue, dullness and age.  You don’t feel old.  Why, then, let an aging appearance hold you back? The solution could be as fast, easy and affordable as a RF Facial, also known as a non-surgical facelift.

RF Facial corrects excess sagging skin

RF Facials are considered among the most effective non-surgical procedures available today. Via this treatment, radio waves penetrate the outer skin layers and deliver heat facial to the muscles and tissues beneath. This heat stimulates collagen production, and that, in turn, triggers tissue contraction. The overall result is tighter, brighter skin and a significant reduction in sags and wrinkles.

The RF Facial is a non-surgical treatment for wrinkles and facial skin imperfections. This treatment requires no downtime. Best of all, results are immediately noticeable, and they become even more so in the weeks following the treatment as the build-up of collagen effects further skin contraction.

Common Anti-Aging Concerns Treated with RF Facials

RF facial is primarily used to treat skin laxity through facial tightening. This treatment is effective on both light and dark skin, and best results are seen by clients in their mid-30s to mid-60s, who display mild to moderate facial sagging.

RF Facial is commonly used to treat the following areas

• Forehead (lifts brows and tightens forehead skin)

• Under Eyes (thickens skin and tightens and lifts the upper cheek)

• Cheeks (lifts slightly and diminishes enlarged pores)

• Mid-Face and Jaw Line (diminishes jowls and sagging along the jaw line)

• Neck (treats “chicken neck” by tightening skin and diminishing wrinkles)

It is also worth noting that when RF Facial is used in combination with other modalities, it can enhance the results derived from treatments that include: microphoto therapy, acne treatment and cellulite treatment.

RF Facial FAQs

• How does an RF Facial work?

RF works through radio wave currents that penetrate deep into the dermis (deepest layer of the skin) and subcutaneous layers of the skin causing tightening of the underlying tissues showing a difference with fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture.

• Do RF Facials hurt?

No. Every client’s experience may vary due to individual pain tolerance. The radio currents provide heat on the skin causing minimal discomfort.

• What types of aesthetics concerns are corrected with RF Facials?

RF facials are an alternative for clients who are not ready for more invasive treatments such as Botox® and surgery creating the look of a brow lift, modest tightening of the forehead, tightening and thickening of the under eye skin, slightly lifting cheeks and diminishing large pores, jowling and sagging around the jaw line, as well as wrinkling along the neck and décolleté. A RF facial improves skin laxity and renewing facial contours by accelerating collagen and elastin renewal.

• How long is the down-time?

Minimal to no downtime is needed. It is a non-invasive procedure; no surgery, no injections, no recovery time. You may experience some redness or swelling up to 24 hours.

• How soon do you start seeing results?

Immediately you can see results with the RF facial.

• How long do results last?

Results vary from client to client. They can last up 24 months or more based on the client’s natural aging process.

• How many treatments are necessary?

For best results, 6-10 treatments within 6-8 weeks of each other are recommended. Your practitioner will advise you of how many treatments would be best for the results you are looking for and your skin condition.

• How long is each treatment?

Each treatment is about 60 minutes.

• Pre and Post-treatment recommendation?

Before you have an RF facial done you should avoid any type of sun exposure either by lying out in the sun, using artificial tanning with tanning beds or self-tanners, etc. This should be avoided approximately two weeks before and after RF treatments. After RF treatments, you should follow practitioner recommendations for an at home skin care recommendations to maintain between treatments and have longer lasting results when you are done with your series of treatments.

• Can anyone have this procedure done?

This procedure is usually performed on clients starting in their 30s-60s. It is safe for all skin types.

• Clients who should not have this procedure?

Clients with electrical devices such as: pacers, heart valves, metal implants or artificial metal joints. The RF currents may interfere with some of these devices and/or heat up the metal implants.

• RF vs. Galvanic Facial treatments?

Both RF and Galvanic facials work with electrical-magnetic currents. RF facials go deep into the dermis providing immediate, longer lasting results and accelerating cell renewal in the skin. RF facials only use the currents to provide results when galvanic need products to be penetrated to show temporary results. Galvanic facial currents only work on the surface of the skin having showing immediate results but short-term, lasting only a few days.

The RF Facial Procedure

The face is cleansed the with a wash suitable for the client’s skin type, to remove make up and surface oils.

A cooling gel is applied to the skin being treated to provide a barrier so the RF hand piece can glide on the skin and provide less discomfort.

The hand piece is glided across the area being treated in an upward motion to give that firming and lifting effect.

The excess gel is removed from the face.

An appropriate soothing moisturizer is then applied.

Sunscreen is applied

Can a RF Facial be combined with other anti-aging treatments?

RF facials can be combined with MicroPhoto therapy, Quantum Hydration and Vitamin C  or Hyaluronic treatments for a more enhancement and give a more plumped effect to the skin.

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