Although our skin knows how to exfoliate itself, the process slows down once we reach our mid 20’s and continues to slow with age. In fact, this dwindling cell turnover is exactly what causes our skin to become uneven, duller, thicker and less receptive to hydration. The solution lies in purposeful exfoliation of the skin by either mechanical or chemical means.
Mechanical approaches included mild abrasives with friction and dry micro dermabarasion. This purges part of the top layer of skin but does not incorporate nutrients to support the skin. If aging skin is to maintain its density, it requires a continual supply of nutrients. Failure to nourish repeatedly mechanically exfoliated skin can thin the dermis, trigger infection, dilate blood cells and impair repair mechanisms.
Chemical methods involve products that contain AHAs, BHAs, enzymes and other agents that absorb and loosen the glue like substance that binds cells, allowing the dead and dry cells to ease away. Chemical exfoliating agents remove dead skin cells at a deeper level than do mechanical exfoliates. Any effective chemical exfoliation is likely to produce some heating or stinging sensations but it is a reliable and natural way to clean out pores and purge oils. The skin is peeled more evenly than the mechanical approach and nutrients applied penetrate more easily.
When you require an additional boost with an exfoliation try:
• For firming one of the most popular and effective procedures is Facial Toning.
• For healing and repairing, LumiStim has proven to be effective.
• For firming, healing and repairing Jet Peel is becoming one of the most popular because it is effective in firming, healing, repairing and penetrating nutrients deep into the skin.

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