The Oxygen Facial

What is an oxygen facial?

A pressurized stream of oxygen that delivers active ingredients to the skin—the quality of those actives has recently been upgraded from basic moisturizers to fancy stuff like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides.  Clients love this treatment  because it makes the skin more plumped-up and luminous.


What to expect at an oxygen facial

Here’s how a typical appointment will go down.  It’s a much more no-nonsense, results-oriented approach to your skincare.

After ushering you into the treatment room, we will first cleanse (and usually exfoliate) your skin.

Then we will analyze your skin to determine which infusion would suit you best.

There are four treatment options, each serum featuring a targeted blend of hyaluronic acid, botanical extracts, antioxidants, peptides and/or vitamins:


Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing overall hydration.

Evens skin tone..


Calms acne while restoring moisture balance and defending against future breakouts.

Softens and firm expression lines.

Defines the eye contour and plump the lips.

The key ingredient is really the hyaluronic acid, a molecule that is found naturally in our skin (and is also the substance in most injectable fillers); it attracts and binds moisture, therefore helping skin look firmer and more hydrated.

The Jet Peel—emits a continuous flow of 90 to 95 percent pure oxygen under hyperbaric pressure (compared to the 18 to 21 percent naturally in our environment). This is said to enhance the absorption of the serums so you get more benefit from the ingredients. Oxygen is also naturally antibacterial and has a cooling, calming effect.

The infusing feels like a blast of cold air on the skin, with a slight pressure but nothing painful or uncomfortable. Once we slowly make our way around your entire face with the wand, you’ll get one of their topical serums and/or creams applied on top (a process called “hyaluronic layering”).

The whole process takes about 60 minutes, and then you can also buy products to help maintain your results at home. Progressive SkinCare four booster serums that you can mix and match to customize your regimen:


Progressive SkinCare Serums

The Ultra Bright with HA Serum is for all skin types and helps even out irregular skin tone and sun damage.

The CPH Serum is packed with peptides for restoring volume and tightness to skin that’s lost elasticity, tone and density.

The Vital Cell Recovery Serum is great for all skin types.  It  helps with fine lines and wrinkles.

The Optimum Antioxidant Serum It gives your skin that boost when it looks tired and kind of sad, the same way you would drink a green juice when you feel blah.  It also has more natural ingredients than other brands.

I’m a bit of a serum junkie, so I LOVE the concept of these and that you can use different ones depending on what your skin needs.

Oxygen facial benefits

So does the oxygen facial actually work? Well, speaking from my own experience, the short-term proof is in the mirror. Every time I’ve had an oxygen facial, the results were instant and noticeable. You really do glow when you walk out of Advanced DermaCare

Oxygen facials versus invasive treatments

So why would you splurge on a series of oxygen facials when you could just deal with the signs of aging by going under the needle—or knife? Here’s my take:

“I’m all for making oneself feel better, whether it’s filler or anything. But in general, there are people who’ve taken it way too far. I think why people love this treatment so much is because it makes you look like a better version of yourself. You look like you’ve just come back from vacation; you look well-rested. It’s non-invasive and you don’t have to worry if there’s going to be any kind of problem after the treatment.”

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